Crabapple, Kelsey (Clearance)

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Malus 'Kelsey'

Height: 16-20ft
Spread: 18-24ft
Zone: 3-8
Exposure: Full sun
Growth Rate: Moderate
Bloom Time/Color: April; mauve
Fall Color: N/A
Uses: Specimen, ornamental
Maintenance: Low
Tree Shape: Upright, rounded
Other: Purple-red fruit

'Kelsey' is a Canadian crabapple cultivar with an upright, rounded form that, in spring, produces semi-double mauve pink flowers. Foliage emerges deep red changing to a wonderful deep green with dark veins. Larger fruit eventually turns red and is covered in a waxy bloom that makes them look purple and will persist into winter. Crabapples prefer well-drained, average soils in full sun and can be more tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions in maturity. Attracts wildlife.  

Disease resistance: Scab = fair

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