Red Maple, Scarlet Jewell (Clearance)

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Acer rubrum 'Bailcraig' | Scarlet Jewell

Height: 60-70ft
Spread: 25-30ft
Zone: 3-7
Exposure: Full sun to part shade
Growth Rate: Fast
Bloom Time/Color: March-April; red
Fall Color: Red/orange
Uses: Specimen, shade tree, street tree
Maintenance: Low
Tree Shape: Upright
Other: N/A

Red maples are often characterized by their red, well, everything. Flowers, fruit, buds, leafstalks, twigs, and even their new growth are tinged red and the fall color especially is outstanding. Red maples grow well in almost any soil type, provided they are in full sun or part shade, and tolerate wet soils fairly well. They are covered in medium green, trilobed leaves throughout the growing season and have red, inconspicuous flowers that emerge before leafing out in late winter/early spring. Scarlet Jewell™ is known for its earlier red/orange autumnal color (by two weeks earlier than most other red maples) and for its resistance to frost cracking.

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