Plant Care Instructions

General Plant Care Instructions:

Required watering depends on several factors:

  • Temperature
  • Time of Season
  • Soil Drainage and Type
  • Wind Conditions
  • Irrigation System
  • Stage of Flower or Growth of Plant

If you aren’t sure if the plant needs water, check the soil moisture under the mulch.  After planting, make sure the roots are kept moist for the first 2 months. Supplemental watering will depend upon the amount of rainfall and the temperature. Generally, watering should be done twice a week for the first 2 months and then less frequently during the 3rd month. Additional watering will be necessary during prolonged periods of extremely hot, dry weather (85F degrees+) and possibly during the second season. If normal rainfall does not exceed 1”/week, additional watering may be needed.

For maintenance instructions more specific to your purchase (ie. evergreens, perennials) or if you have more questions please speak with one of our nursery staff at 515-207-2115.

Please Remember:

  • Remove tree stakes after 1 year from installation
  • Use only white or light gray colored corrugated tubing to protect tree trunks
  • Remove tree protection during the months of April-September