Pear, Cleveland Select

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Pyrus calleryana 'Chanticleer'

Height: 25-35ft
Spread: 12-16ft
Zone: 5-9
Exposure: Full sun
Growth Rate: Moderate
Bloom Time/Color: April; white
Fall Color: Red
Uses: Specimen, shade tree, street tree, ornamental
Maintenance: Low
Tree Shape: Narrow, pyramidal
Other: N/A

'Cleveland Select' flowering pear is a very showy spring ornamental tree, selected for its form, fall color, and resistance to fireblight. It is covered in small white blossoms in early spring and by summer is adorned in glossy green leaves that tremble in a breeze. Foliage turns varying shades of purple/red in autumn depending on weather conditions. They make perfect street trees due to their tolerance of poor growing conditions, clay soils, pollution, and some droughty conditions. 'Cleveland Select' is also quite narrow in habit making it perfect for screens, tight spaces, or other similar locale. For optimal growth however, pears do best in moist, well-drained loams. This cultivar of ornamental pear is also known as 'Select', 'Glen's Form', 'Chanticleer', and 'Stone Hill'.

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