Japanese Spirea, Double Play Candy Corn

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Spiraea japonica 'NCSX1' | Double Play® Candy Corn®

Height: 2-3ft
Spread: 2-3ft
Zone: 4-8
Exposure: Full sun
Growth Rate: Fast
Bloom Time/Color: June-July; magenta
Uses: Hedge, massing, borders
Maintenance: Low
Other: Fall color, deer/rabbit resistant, attracts butterflies

Japanese spirea are extremely common shrubs found in most landscapes in North America and are the perfect plant for amateur gardeners and those new to the world of landscaping/gardening. They are tremendously rugged; they can be mowed, sheared, butchered, and still comeback as if nothing had happened. Most come in varying shades of green or yellow foliage and fall colors vary from reds to yellows. All cultivars get pink or white, flat-topped blooms that seem to flower for months and are great for attracting pollinators and butterflies. Spirea are very hardy and thrive on neglect; only really needing full sun in any growing condition. Double Play® Candy Corn® was introduced for its dense, dwarf habit, magenta flowers, and changing foliage color. New growth in spring is candy apple red, then intensifies to a bright yellow for summer (with new growth in shades of orange), and then to vibrant shades of orange, copper, and yellow in the fall. Truly a breathaking cultivar!

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