Freeman Maple, Celebration

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Acer freemanii 'Celzam' | Celebration®

Height: 50-55ft
Spread: 30-35ft
Zone: 3-9
Exposure: Full sun to part shade
Growth Rate: Fast
Bloom Time/Color: N/A
Fall Color: Yellow/orange
Uses: Specimen, shade tree, street tree
Maintenance: Low
Tree Shape: Oval, broad
Other: N/A

Freeman maples are probably the most popular maples grown in Midwest landscapes. They are crosses of red maples and silver maples and are noted for their consistent and reliable fall color as well as good adaptability to varying growing conditions that makes it a perfect choice for a street tree, shade tree, or as a park tree. It is a fast-growing tree that has medium green foliage all summer and is virtually disease and insect resistant and has less chlorosis issues than the species parents. Freeman maples are also very structurally sound; forming good, strong central leaders, excellent branch attachments, and dense canopies. Celebration® maple is known for its yellow/orange fall color and broad, oval shaped canopy. Leaves are more similar to a silver maple; large, deep green, and slightly silvery on their undersides. Resistant to storm damage and tolerates urban conditions better than other Freeman maples.

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