Quaking Aspen

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Populus tremuloides

Height: 20-50ft
Spread: 10-30ft
Zone: 1-6
Exposure: Full sun
Growth Rate: Moderate/Fast
Bloom Time/Color: N/A
Fall Color: Yellow
Uses: Specimen, naturalizing
Maintenance: High
Tree Shape: Upright, narrow
Other: Winter interest, native

Quaking aspen's best features include its golden fall color, fast growth rate, and ability to naturalize readily. Aspen are recognized by their small, pointed/circular, deep green leaves that tremble silvery in the slightest breeze and their stark white bark. Aspen are at home in consistently moist, well drained soils where they can colonize and naturalize freely. Aspen are intolerant however of urban conditions but can tolerate varying soil types. This native tree does best in areas where summers stay cool.

Extra Information

Design Ideas/Themes:
Rustic, Woodland Garden, Naturalizing
Native Habitat:
North America

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